Growth Modification

With a growing child, the face can be modified to address the abnormal growth patterns.

The most common problem arises with the upper jaw width. This can lead to upper airway constriction but also cause the lower jaw to grow abnormally as in crossbites. In pre puberty children this can be addressed with Rapid palatal expansion or a quadhelix expander.

The second most modification involves the lower jaw. When the teeth have a large overbite, reducing this problem may require a Herbst appliance. This appliance moves the lower jaw forward in small increments until the overbite is gone. The Herbst appliance is cemented so the modification is working 24 hours a day.

When your child has an underbite (the lower front teeth are in front of the upper) due to the upper jaw the jaw can be moved forward to allow the upper teeth to be normally in front of the lower. This modification can be treated multiple ways and requires an examination to discuss options.

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