Metal And Clear Braces

Traditional (one size fits all) Damon Ultima metal braces; self ligating for fewer faster visits with less friction resulting in greater comfort. For more information go to

Digital braces are custom designed to fit your special needs..

Lightforce clear braces are 3-D printed to give you the greatest accuracy of any braces. Half the treatment time of traditional braces, Lightforce braces also you and your child fewer missed work and school days. For more information go to

K L. Owen metal braces are digitally placed like Lightforce, but instead of individual 3-D printed braces, each bracket is selected from a library of brackets designed to move teeth with more accuracy than traditional braces. For more information go to

InBrace braces are lingual (behind the teeth) for the patient that wants the accuracy of digital braces without anyone knowing you're straightening your teeth. Especially useful for those that like the look of Invisalign without taking trays in and out of your mouth. Find more information on

The final custom orthodontic treatment is Invisalign. The clear aligners are worn 22 hours per day and changed every week. The pro of Invisalign is you can take them out to eat or brush your teeth. The con is you can take them out. Unless worn the prescribed time, Invisalign won’t work and fixed braces would be a better choice. More information at

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